Negotiated Studies Project Brief : Greyhound Racing Cruelties

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It’s been a while since I last posted anything on my wordpress. I was caught up with my assignments and all. Finally I have handed them in today! Pheew!

I decided to share one of the works that I’ve been working on for my negotiated studies project because what I found out while working on this project was really shocking and devastating. I came to know about Greyhound Racing when I was walking along new street in Birmingham one day. It was right outside Primark where a little blue booth by Birmingham Greyhound Protection caught my attention. It had beautiful dogs with them at the booth. The dogs were the ones that caught my attention. I am a dog person, so basically anything that’s related to dogs catches my attention. Anyhow, that was when I decided to find out more about greyhounds and the racing. As I read on what I’ve found on websites and articles, my heart aches. I understand that not all dog owners treat their dogs like what it’s described on the internet, but what some other owners are doing are really terrible. It made me thinking, how could a human being do such cruel things to a poor animal?

You wouldn’t believe what I found and read online.

Below are just the points that I really want to highlight.

1) Overbreed greyhounds for the racing tracks.

2) Greyhounds will be put to trial to see if they’re fit for racing, else they’ll be put to sleep (mostly killed in ways you do not want to know).

3) Greyhounds as young as the age of 15 months will be sent out for racing on tracks.

4) Retired greyhounds with injuries will be put to sleep. Some owners who wouldn’t spend money on vets to put their dogs to sleep would just abandon their dogs,etc.

5) Racing greyhounds retired at the age of as young as 5 years old, when they can live up to 15 – 16 years!

Honestly, I didn’t know about the existence of greyhound racing at all because back in Malaysia where I came from, there isn’t any that I know of.

Back to my project, so, I’ve been working on a series of print posters to raise the awareness of greyhound racing cruelties. My idea was sparked my the thought of, “why do humans get to enjoy more than any other animals? Even though we are on top of the food chain, we should have more humanity. Every animal should be treated with love, care and respect.” So I started comparing what happens to retired people and retired greyhounds. After having tutorials with my tutor, Ros, here are the outcomes of my final posters.

*NOTE: the names used in the posters are just for design and education purpose, no offence intended.




I tried playing with the first letter in the names to create a stronger feel about the relationship between the owner and the greyhound. I have also emailed my ideas to various practitioners and below’s one of the replies I received  from John, who is one of the owners of the anti-greyhound racing website:

“By the way Vanessa, I also think that your pictures of David and Duke and Bruce and Bruno are exceptionally good and hard hitting. That’s just what we need, make them see what is going on, don’t be afraid to show it like it is, and for this reason I want to ask your permission to place your pictures on my websites, and

I feel so honoured and pleased to see John’s reply. Main reason is because I’m able to play a part in raising the awareness about greyhound racing. That is also why I am writing this post today, so that hopefully lovely people like yourself who read it will be able to share and raise the awareness together. Every little effort helps, and for that, I thank all of you who read or share this, in advance.

p.s, I hereby apologise if there’s any wrong information given and any one who reads this feel offended in some ways. It is not my intention to do so. Also I’m sorry if there’s any grammatical or spelling errors.



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