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Vector Art #1 • Happy Valentine’s Day

Today’s a double Valentine’s day! In the Lunar Calendar, it’s the 15th day of Chinese New Year, also known as the “Chap Goh Meh”, which is also the Chinese’s Valentine’s Day. This year, it falls on the 14th February, which is also a Valentine’s Day! How awesome is that! It happens only once every 19 years. Wow.

So, to all the singles and those who are in a relationship out there, note to yourself that everyone deserves to be loved everyday! Share your love and joy with the ones you love, not only your friends but also your family! 

Here’s a little something to celebrate this Valentine’s Day!






Hayden Williams : Conquering The World With One Fashion Sketch At A Time

I’ve been browsing through Pinterest for some illustration inspirations. I’ve opened up one link after another in so many tabs! So many that I can’t even read a word on the tab. Despite that, I browsed through all the opened tabs one by one. There are so many, countless inspirations out there! I’ve found so many amazing and breathtaking works. One of them that caught my attention is Hayden Williams. He’s a 22-year old British fashion illustrator & designer. According to his bio, he’s been drawing since the age of 3. There are so many posts on his blog site, from 2010 till this day. All his works are brilliantly illustrated. 

Here are some of his works. There are too many to share here, do visit his blog at Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations. You’ll fall in love with his works, that I guarantee.







Digital Painting #3 • Red Capsicum

To be honest, I really missed my diploma days back in Malaysia, especially the time I spent together with my friends. In this foreign land with so many strangers around me, I’m not quite used to it, yet. Also the gloomy weather nowadays isn’t making it any better. Hopefully things will change. 

So, I was digging through stuffs I did during my diploma course, and I found this digital painting I did for my marker rendering class. It was my 2nd assignment at that time. I did this assignment at home with one of my course mates, whom I invited for a stay over that day. I still remember vividly how much fun we had talking and laughing together. I miss those days!

For those who have your good or best friends around you, treasure them. 









Drawing for Fun • Octopusss

Nice octopus and such nice colors!!


Jackle Tangle

Just a normal rainy day again here in Birmingham and once again stuck at home. Decided to draw something for fun, or maybe a possible tattoo in the future? 😛 Octopus is one of my favorite sea creatures! They just amaze me in some ways. So as I transferred my sketch into Photoshop, playing with different colors. It’s not easy to find the right colors that goes along together well. I’ve had a few different tries and here’s the final outcome. I’m quite satisfied with it. What do you think?

Thanks for viewing!



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Digital Painting #2 • Mermaid

A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish.

Since young I’ve been in love with Mermaids. Thanks to Disney’s Little Mermaid movie. I always thought that mermaids were gorgeous as seen in the movies, until I was told that they’re not as pretty as you’ve seen on the tv. So I’ve searched online about the origin of mermaids, watched the documentaries about them. Even so, I still love mermaids.

So, out of the blue yesterday, I was doodling some sea creatures just to kill some time. I was so engross with it that I did not realize how dark the sky’s been outside. And then, I’ve decided to draw my version of Ariel in Photoshop, with a slightly longer neck (guess that’s going to be my style of figure, :p), but still looking stunning as always with her red hair.

Below are the images of the drawing progress.

Enjoy 🙂





Brice Bischoff

Breathtaking photography images!

Inspiration Lab

Check out photographer Bruce Bischoff. I really love this series because it’s just so cool to see experiments in familiar media. The series was done with long exposure time and a series of colourful choreographed movements. The light and colour in these are amazing.

See more:

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Corporate Identity #2: Poster Designs

A series of posters which my friend did for one of our subject tasks back in Malaysia, Corporate Identity.
They look interesting!

Jackle Tangle

Back in Malaysia where I’ve attended my diploma course, one of my Corporate Identity’s briefs was to design a series of posters that portray the SIngle Minded Proposition (SMP),in which my case, it’s “Embracing Conversation”. The main purpose is to celebrate the 50 Years of Diplomatic Relationship between Malaysia and Switzerland. Using the speech bubble as my main graphic element, below are a series of posters that I’ve designed.





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Digital Painting #1 • Apple & Orange

I’m currently a 2nd Year student in Birmingham City University, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, majoring in BA(Hons) Visual Communication with Graphic Communication.

I’ve also attended a 3-year course Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design back in The One Academy, Malaysia. The images below are my first ever Digital Painting that I’ve done for marker rendering class, using Adobe Photoshop when I was in my 2nd year back there. It’s still vivid in my mind how my first marker rendering class was. We had to finish the class task in that 3-hour lesson.

First, I traced the outlines of the selected image. Second, applying the base colors. Third, get to the details. Finally, the highlights. I personally had fun and enjoyed picking colors manually. Although it took me like forever to get one painting done, but the final outcome really gives me the satisfaction.

Thanks for viewing 🙂



this is the original image given to us as our reference for our first task.

1a 1b 1c 1d


^ and here’s the final outcome.

Jaw Dropped On A Gloomy Day

Today’s just an ordinary day, rainy and windy as usual. Which kinda made me a little down and moody. As soon as I got back from lecture, I went surfing on the internet. Browsing through designers’ blogs, hoping to find something interesting to enlighten myself.

Just when I was getting tired, my eyes and brain were about to shut on me, I stumbled upon this brilliant young creative! Her works literally made my jaw drop and it was left there hanging wide open through out the time I was browsing through her website. What’s even more amazing is that she’s only at the age of 20! Clearly anyone can be really good and creative at any age. It’s all about inspiration and self-motivation. We’ve gotta push ourselves to keep learning and moving forward in order to succeed in life.

By the way, this brilliant creative/artist/designer is Risa Rodil. From her site, you’ll be able to enjoy the brilliant works that she’s done. Amazing! One of my favorites is her recent work on a series of Disney’s “Frozen” typography poster. Memorable quotes from the animation were picked and designed creatively with beautiful colors.

Below is the series of posters that are my personal favorites. Do enjoy!



^ This is my favorite of all. Elsa’s pose, the choice of colors are just perfect!


If You Are in A Shell..

An inspiring and moving video about Harry Shum Jr. This piece of art is choreographed by Harry himself, in collaboration with Buzzfeed videos (

This dance video, creatively choreographed and used colour splashes as an expression is brilliant. Although there are also some other videos maybe similar to this out there, this truly captured my attention. The story of Harry’s life was brilliantly expressed through his dance.

Art can be in any form, be it air, dust or an object, just twist a little or mix it up a little creatively, an amazing piece will be created. For every piece of art has a story behind.


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